cody bear's friends

on location with cody bear and pickles!
August 23, 2008, 3:11 pm
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while i was working on yesterday’s daily dog photo, the dogs were…interesting to work with.

cody bear was pretty cooperative,

but pickles….not so much…

not only did she keep moving the toys around, she also felt the need to stand on my legs.

i have to get low for these shots, but pickles seems to think the tennis ball needs more exposure.



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Comment by bob

I hear Pickles cut a deal with the tennis ball for 30% of all its modeling fees plus residuals.

Comment by jamesviscosi

I like the bug perspective!

Comment by Gina

What a sweet puppy she is! They both are!

Comment by TheAgedCat

As I was blogsurfing, I came across this and thought you might enjoy it seeing these distant cousins of Pickles at

Comment by TheAgedCat

I’m sure Pickles isn’t that fixated, and would happily fetch your camera if you threw it across the yard.

Comment by lavenderbay

My dog used to peel the fuzzy skin off the tennis ball…. My dog was strange though.

Comment by S. Le

Aw, she’s so cute, what a lovely face:) xxx

Comment by Black Cat

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