cody bear's friends

what’s going on here?!
August 23, 2008, 4:10 am
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care to write a caption?


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No……….it’s my turn with Mama!!!

Comment by Con

“I’m the ALPHA, you little pup. Got that? The ALPHA…”

Comment by lavenderbay

I told you to shut-up about my hangy down kitty belly!!!

Comment by PennyCat

“And the crowd here at Wrestlemania is going wild!”

Comment by jamesviscosi

“Noooo! You can’t have it! This dog collar was given to me by my great-great-grandbitch on the anniversary of my whelping!”

Comment by Drunkbunny

pickles-“I know you are ticklish, cody bear, where’s that one spot…there it is!!!

Comment by Checkers

[lol] I can’t top those.

Comment by TheAgedCat

No, but that’s a brilliant photo!

Comment by S. Le

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