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weighing in…(heavy stuff…not really)
August 28, 2008, 2:12 pm
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ack! i’m SO sorry i haven’t posted in so long. been so busy with work and the dogs and all. i haven’t had time to post or take any photographs in days! will fill you in on work in the next post, but i know you’re all just DIEING to know how cody bear and pickles are doing!

how is pickles doing???

oh my. so far her favorite back yard toys are….a broom…and a plastic flower pot.

here’s her update, though. i got an email from a woman who is fostering pickles’ brother. she wanted to see how much pickles weighs. apparently that 20 week old border collie mix puppy weighs 41.8 pounds! oh…wow. so, as soon as i got home from work i let the dogs out for peepers and poopins, then of course i weighed pickles. i don’t know how accurate my bathroom scale is, but according to it she is a 28 pounder!!!

41.8 pounds at 20 weeks!? cody bear only weighs 47 and he’s 4 years old.

she and cody bear have become good friends. they play pretty well together and she isn’t scared of him any more when he runs hell-on-paws through the yard. now she acts like she’s herding him. he of course has no idea that is what she’s doing. he is a lousy sheep.

how is cody bear doing?

oh wow. he’s great! he continues to be my photographic muse…

he’s doing so well at agility and we are almost caught up with everyone in our class. he is by far the fastest! tuesday night our friend a. came and was really supportive. every each of his runs he walked up to her like “how did i do?” and she gushed all over him.

our new challenge: the weave poles. you can hear his take on that at his sports blog.

so, that’s it for now. i may update you at work….about work. to sum it up….the *#%& went down this week.

“ttfn, tata for now!” – tigger


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I see Pickles likes the chicken as much as CB does.

Comment by Gina

Oh how cute, a pot of pickles, or would it be a peck of pickles?

Comment by pennycat

So that’s how you get a Border Collie, plant a BC seed in a pot & wait for it to grow. You planted the seed upside down, isn’t the head supposed to be at the top????
Cody & a dogs best friend, a dog without a tennis ball isnt really a dog, it’s just a bored crazy critter….

Comment by Tony

Cai and I met another Cardi from Shelley’s kennel the other week. We knew it lived in the neighbourhood, but this was the first time we’d seen it. It’s twice Cai’s weight, and only a year andahalf old. Gack!

Comment by lavenderbay

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