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the gloaming of the bees.
August 29, 2008, 6:00 am
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native bees…each the size of a grain of rice.  11 days ago i serendipidously found an aggragation of them making a branch of my mesquite their home.  the very second i saw them…i knew not to be scared….i knew it was a rare and special sigthing.

11 days later they’re still here, but diminished in numbers.  r., an ecology and biology professor proclaimed i had good bug karma.  when he said that i knew my initial thought was right: not every one gets to see 5 to 6 hundred of these tiny metallic bees …preparing for bed.

11 days ago

after the first week it was clear the numbers were diminishing. last night about 20. tonight: exactly 8.

a.h. says it’s ok. they hopefully have done their job.    more baby bees will be back.  but i know that the next generation won’t find their way back to my mesquite.

tonight at 10:30 i said good bye to the last 8. they seemed tired. fading.

today...the last of the agapostemons

today...the last of the agapostemons


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that is spectacular.

Comment by Elizabeth

It’s kind of sad, like college dorms after the end of classes …

Comment by jamesviscosi


Comment by Gina

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