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pickles, upon waking…
August 30, 2008, 2:50 pm
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g’ mornen…et’s me….pickles!

invitin’ you in to see my typical erly satuhday mornen!

it was a luvely mornen.  not the typical hot.  we were all cheery about this.  so, it seems like a great day to play with my flower pot…

lately this is my favorite toy.  better than my broom, even.  i can push it around with my nose, stick my paws in it, toss it in the air, what have ye.

now this goes on for a great while, but no morning is complete without chasing cody bear.

we take breaks so that i can sniff and he can keep watch out for neighborhood cats and dogs.

the rest of the morning i enjoy sitting at the front door watching cars and bikes go by with my brother.  wrestling with him in the living room.  tossing my food bowl around, then perhaps chewing on it.  digging holes in the yard. that’s always fun, though i only get to do it when mom goes inside.  sniffing the cat.  squeezing toys. maybe practice some tricks with mom and her bottomless bag of cheesey treats.

mom leaves to volunteer soon, and i should be pretty tired by then, but only about half as dirty as i plan to get today.  my goal is to end the day as filthy as possible.  i’ll get one more good roll in the dirt before she leaves….


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Wow, a flower pot, it sounds a lot more fun than the stupid plastic balls with bells in them that I have. Still I don’t know about that “sniffing the cat” line?

Comment by pennycat

We knew you liked dirt when you were a wee baby, Pickles!

Comment by Gina

Pickles, someone’s taken you out of the barnyard, but they’ll never take the barnyard out of you.

Comment by lavenderbay

Pickles, if you can find somewhere that’s wet, that will get you dirty even faster. See if you can figure out how to turn on the outdoor water faucet, if there is one.

Comment by jamesviscosi

Sounds like a reasonable way to spend a morning!

Comment by forkboy

me and you gotta hang one day, pick!

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

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