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son of nature quiz – the talon contest
August 31, 2008, 3:49 pm
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hi every body!

in between fun weekend activities, but wanted to put up a couple shots from volunteering yesterday.

today’s talon contest(credit for name to lavenderbay, our past winner)

ok….what is THIS BIRD!?

dang….i still owe lavender her prize!


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From its expression, I would say it’s stoned …

Comment by jamesviscosi

Hey, maybe its been eating my catnip laced kitty snacks!

Comment by pennycat

A baby Cooper’s hawk?

Comment by Hannah (& Dave)

The famous red-eyed, yellow beak hawk?

Comment by Gina

Oh birdie, what a beautiful big beak you have. I would say this is a lovely hawk but which one is a mystery to me.

Comment by livingisdetail

I’d be inclined to go with Hannah & Dave’s guess, except an adult, not a juvenile. Some sweet little accipiter, whatever it is.

Comment by lavenderbay

once again, lavenderbay wins the talon contest!!!

Comment by goodbear

What a beautiful bird!

Comment by S. Le

A falcon maybe????

Comment by Tony

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