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pickles’ first nature quest
September 1, 2008, 2:00 pm
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let me just preface this by saying….my honda civic is not the ideal wildness vehicle.

ok. moving on.  a few friends and i went to the mountains yesterday to photograph caterpillars before sunset, then blacklight moths at dark.   i was going to be gone a long time so, “why don’t you bring pickles?”

as you all know, pickles loves eating thousands of moths just as much as the next dog, but how would she do in inclement weather with a nuerotic mom?

thanks for finally letting mah off the leash, mum!

thanks for finally letting mah off the leash, mum!

it rained for most of the time.  but pickles stomped throught it.  she played in the creek.  she gave hoju kisses.  when i finally let her off leash she was so good.  she came back everytime i called her.

now we folks were miserable.  (ok, not all of us. as usual, r and a.h. were cheery and on top of things)

sopping.  we were sopping.  finally l. broke down and had to put on the dirty mexican blanket i carry around in my trunk.  and while we moped and sipped our beers….r. baked a chocolate cake in his dutch oven over the fire he covered with a metal table. of course he did, right!

soggy friends

soggy friends

finally the rain stopped. the lights were turned on and soon we were visited by scads of beautiful moths. (i will show more later)

it was great fun and we got some good shots, then ate our delicious cake!  piled ourselves in to my honda and r.s truck, and  i clenched my teeth for the bumpy ride home. (my car will never be the same)

pickles did get bit by ants, but she is recovering. also, her pretty white scruff turned red from her wet collar.  poor gal.

here’s one of our nature buddies now:

i’m sure you’re all wondering where cody was during all of this.  he went to his bff’s house for the night.  poor guy got really scared from the thunder though, so didn’t have much fun. he would have HATED the nature event.  he would have just sat by the car door all night, glaring at me.  he’s kind of a city dog.


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Cody Bear’s idea of “roughing it” is using the outdoor seating at the local cafe, eh?

Comment by jamesviscosi

That’s a big mot. Pickles doesn’t seem to mind the outdoors. The other dog looks happy to be out in the rain.

Comment by Tony

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