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low marks from the canadian judge…
September 2, 2008, 12:42 am
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so i took pickles to her first agility trial today.  just as a spectator. she’s too young to compete…and….i don’t know what the hell i’m doing.

anyway.  we’re sitting there, minding our own business.  in between trials.  all alone on the bleachers.  pickles had just had her second play period with one of her biological siblings, so she was kind of winded.

and this lady walks up and here’s what went down:

“how old is your pup?” pet pet pet

“4 1/2 months.”

“she’s fat.”

ok.  she then begins telling me that i feed my dog too much, that pickles is going to have problems with her joints, etc.  i say my vet says she’s fine. “they always say that.”

she continues to tell me how i’m over feeding my puppy and that she has 3 border collies and they were never this fat, till i say, “thanks for your opinion.  who are you?”

“i’m one of the judges. i’m from canada.”

first of all, pickles isn’t fat.  she’s a puppy.  with a puppy belly. as a puppy, one day she looks chubby, another day she’s all awkward and gangly.  second of all.  don’t just walk up to a complete stranger and insult their dog and tell them they’re shitty pet owners cuz their dogs are going to have joint damage if you don’t start feeding them less.  mind…your…own business.

i just took this pic 5 minutes ago. as you can see, pickles is not morbidly obese.

so, anyway….i got to thinking….of COURSE she thinks pickles is too fat….for a border collie puppy.  ha HA. see that’s where the jokes on you canadian judge. pickles is a border collie shepherd MIX, with who knows what else.  she has NEVER been as dainty as the other border collie puppies she knows.  not all breeds are that skinny.

so, dumb stupid judge…you can’t even tell an imposter border collie!  fooled ya!

oh, and here is her royal dainty-ness now, the judge from canada who has saved my dog from arthritis and heart disease….



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Hey There!!! Listen Your Honor, Canadian Royal Plumpness, Nobody, I mean Nobody, calls my cousin Pic fat! May the fleas of a thousand border collies infest your armpits!!! Pic you are purrrrfect!

Comment by PennyCat

Oh she sounds like a real winner.

Comment by Gina

Yeah but with the exchange rate with Canada she works out to be smaller right?

Comment by jamesviscosi

please know, i don’t mean to be anti-canadian. i’m anti-jerky-people-who-can’t-mind-their-own-business-and-who-think-my-puppy-is-fat-when-she’s-not.

Comment by goodbear

It often seems like the people doing the talking about the weight of others are actually worried about their own.

And, for the record, I think pickles is positively beautiful, and certainly not fat!

Comment by Laura

Poor Pudgy Pickles Picked on by Plump Judgmental Judge Jumping to Judgment

Comment by twobarkingdogs

The P in Pickles stands for Perfect. If anyone needs to drop a few pounds (or kilos for those north of our border) it should be the judge in question. I bet her joints are aching!

Comment by forkboy

So much for the old myth about us Canadians being polite, eh? Didn’t she even say, ” I’m sorry, but I think your dog’s overweight” ?

Comment by lavenderbay

[…] little schnauzer puppy is in my puppy pickles‘ socialization class. […]

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What a presumptuous jerk. It just sounds like she wanted to seem like a smarty–not that she was really concerned about Pickles.

Comment by stilllifeinbuenosaires

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