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September 2, 2008, 1:27 pm
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so by now you know when i show an insect it is because i want you to see how cool it is.  i’m not trying to gross anyone out.  buzzybeegirl, r and i find some of the more interesting, lesser known bugs and try to get some good shots.

the truth is, sunday night we saw many beautiful things while buglighting.  very few creepy things. mostly pretty.

so, here is the 11 lined beetle.  (i have been told that’s what it is but i sometimes suspect the brainiees make stuff up to make me look silly on my blog. JUST KIDDING!)

also, just so you know how i get creeped out by bugs, as well:

if the insect is outside i grab my camera, but if the bug is in my house…..i grab my suitcase and the car keys.


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Wow, these pictures up close are amazing! Such color and detail. It’s surprising how everything looks upon close inspection. Nice Work!

Comment by Matt George

and thanks for stopping by the blog!

Comment by goodbear

Love your macro of this beetle. It’s color is amazing. Well done!

Comment by morningjoy

thanks morningjoy. it’s not a macro though, the bug is just big. i used a efs 18-55mm canon.
i want a macro so so so badly….

Comment by goodbear

Pretty color.

Comment by Gina

cool buggy, but I still think I would mush it with my right paw!

Comment by pennycat

Mmmm, looks minty.

Comment by jamesviscosi

Very cool! That’s the Glorious Beetle, Chrysina gloriosa.

Comment by myrmecos

I’d be happy with a visit from that lovely green beetle any day.

Comment by livingisdetail

insects normally scare me so much but this is amazing!!

Comment by little miss may

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