cody bear's friends

furry land shark attacks….in play
September 3, 2008, 1:34 pm
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in may ways our cody bear is like the great white shark, a frightening creature.  no wonder pickles was so terrified of him at first.

dah duh, dah duh.

his teeth are sharp and his approach is menacing!

and when he attacks, he eyes roll back into his head…

his bite radius is staggering…


she loves him.  he’s her whole world.


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Good thing there wasn’t chum in the water!

Comment by forkboy

Looks familiar! When Mabel gets on the defensive we call her our little pirahna (sp?)…she nips at the ankles of her attackers.

Comment by Elizabeth

Awww They like playing together!

Comment by Gina

wow and I got in trouble for my cannibal remarks!

Comment by PennyCat

Awww, puppy teaching. Cody Bear is such a good big brother.He does have big teeth though.

Comment by livingisdetail


Comment by jamesviscosi

how cute! cody bear does look scary though!

Comment by henri hopper

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