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1 tab by mouth twice daily…
September 5, 2008, 2:07 pm
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cody bear

cody bear

sooo…..i’m a worryer.  that’s my thing.  and if there’s nothing to worry about, i start worrying about what worrisome thing will happen next.

it seems as if cody bear has given me something to worry about.  he is having some respritory problem, which could either be something minimal, treatable with antibiotics, or it could be something bad that my last dog, loki, got and eventually died from.

so here i sit, waiting for test results.  worrying.

i’m actually thinking it is the bacterial infection because his appetite is pretty good and if it weren’t, then i would….worry more.

i just really love this little guy.  yeah, that’s it, i just really love him.


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Good vibes come to you & codybear. don’t worry. Maybe it’s allergies! seriously – Alex is definitely allergic to something lately.

(and that face!!! I just want to eat him up!!! but not in a creepy way!)

Comment by Elizabeth

Hey, Cody, I hate pills, I hope you are better at taking them then I am. I hope you are well soon, and just have a little “doggy” bug.

Comment by pennycat

Hello Cody, my sis and i send you healing thoughts. and chow kisses to your mom.
Your buddies,
texie and the principesa

Comment by tanglad

hi all! thanks for the well wishes!
we’ll keep you posted!

Comment by goodbear

“i just really love this little guy. yeah, that’s it, i just really love him.”

nice line.

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

And I can see why you love him and why you’re worried.

Comment by Gina

Aw, sorry you’re feeling bad, Cody Bear. But a good appetite and willingness to play with bubble wrap seem like really good signs.

Comment by Laura

Poor CB! Hope he’s fully recovered soon.

Comment by jamesviscosi

Get well soon, Cody Bear with the fuzzy popup ears that I love!

Comment by Drunkbunny

And from our furry household come positive vibes and good cheer from Precious, Brooke, Squints, Aries, Big Boi, Ivan-Ho, Little One, Pumpkin, Elf and Phoebe!

Comment by forkboy

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