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love on a leaf…or….”how i met your father, hoppy”
September 7, 2008, 5:33 am
Filed under: canine

hello nature lovers.  please…hide the kiddos for this post, for it contains a love scene.  that’s right…down and dirty grasshopper porn.

(and you thought this was a family blog)

we three volunteers, in between raptor pens, found ourselves gazing at two star crossed lovers…doin’ it on a leaf.  here’s to you grasshopper nymph. for finding your man and grabbing his attention. for making him realize there will never be another love like you.

your long (springy) legs. your big, dark (bulbous) eyes.  your ability to wear horizontal stripes.  you’re one sexy insect.

where are you two registered anyway?


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Probably at Tiffany’s, ever since they watched “Bugfest at Tiffany’s” starring Audrey Hopburn.

Comment by lavenderbay

She gets all her fab wear at Clothes Bug.

And why do I feel so dirty after viewing these pics? Dirty, dirty, dirty.

Comment by forkboy


Comment by jamesviscosi

They put on quite a show for us. It was difficult to tell whether it was a siamese twin grasshoper or the more realistic, less utterly retarded option of star crossed lover hoppers.

Comment by Lisa Jo

Very interesting….. Now I’m looking for cute cody & pickles pictures!

Comment by Rusty

No wonder there are so many of those things seeing on what their past time activities are.

Comment by Preston Surface

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