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dollar store hamburger
September 11, 2008, 2:35 pm
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oh wow.  wow, my head is realling from the vet bills.  first of all, everyone is going to be fine for the most part.

but everything isn’t all rawhide rosebuds here in dogland.  after cody bear’s vet appointment it was determined he does NOT have the very serious ailment, but after several hundred bux in diagnostics and meds, he’s still not tip top and his pills are giving him a bad case of….well,….yuck. enough said. but he is gettiung better!

but then last night pickles had her follow up and it turns out she will need oral surgery….and she needs it tomorrow.

well crap.  that’s scary. i know it’s somewhat routine, but she’s my tiny baby.  plus i have to somehow come up with the money!

….in one day.

nothing brings me happiness like these two dogs do. they are so totally worth every cent of medical expense.  and everything i do i consider how it will effect them.  but it helps to know that pickles’ new favorite toy was a rubber squeaky hamburger from the dollar tree.  she’s trying to save me money.


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You can always do what we have to do…put it on a credit card. 😦
We buy all our dog toys at Dollar Tree–they don’t know the difference! 😉

Comment by Gina

Hooray that CB is on the mend! And I’m sorry to read about the need for surgery, and the subsequent bill, for my Pickles-girl. Trust me….if anyone understands your vet-bill pains it is me: 2-dogs and 9-cats puts us at the top of the vets list of number one money makers!

Comment by forkboy

Wow, nine cats! That’s even more than my brother and his wife had at their maximum cat load …

Comment by jamesviscosi

Oh dear, yeah, vet bills are a bi… never mind. At least, though, while you’re busy earning the money to pay them, you won’t have to put up with that crummy co-worker anymore.

Comment by lavenderbay

We hope everyone feels better, maybe you should talk to dennis about sharing all that money he is getting from the african bankers!

Comment by daisydog

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