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oh…how very mesial of you.
September 11, 2008, 4:42 pm
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hello again! i thought i would get more specific about pickles, so you all wouldn’t worry so much.  (to the new folks: pickles is my 5 month old border collie mix puppy.  i have had her for 2 1/2 months and i got her from border collie rescue…and i cherish her)

o.k., here’s the deal.  i will write what the doctor has written on pickles’ “examination report card”

” retained decidous canine lower right causing adult tooth to be coming in very mesial to hard palate.  planned tooth removal for friday if still present.”

ok, so what that means is. estimate for surgery: 259.96 to 461.72.  that estimate includes xrays, surgery, monitors, anasthesia.  the high end of the estimate includes pre-anest complete blood panel.  which we have to do in case something is wrong, right? it also includes price bumps if they have to use something extra. which…since it’s my life we’re talking about…they will.

ok, now let’s discuss “if still present”.  the tooth has to go right away. it is starting to make the other tooth grow inward and penetrate the roof of her sweet little mouth.  but…..there is a slimmity slim slim chance that puppy tooth will fall out and none of this stuff will have to happen.

soooo, pickles life is heaven. “here picky punk, eat this marrow bone. here schmickle, chew this frozen rope toy soaked in beef broth.  her schmicky schmoo, eat this succulent dental bone.  here pickity wickity, here is a beef bone stuffed with frozen puppy canned food.”

meanwhile, cody bear’s life is a living hell.  he sits there…watching this…and he isn’t allowed to eat any of it because of HIS health problem.

i hope that while i sit here at my desk, waiting for fed ex, that the doggie tooth fairy is flittering impatiently above pickles crate.  and then when i get home from work today….i will learn that there was a dental miracle in my living room.


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Those prices seem like a really awesome deal compared to what we’ve had to pay. But still, they aren’t cheap, and nobody wants poor little Pickity Wickity (which is such an awesome name!) to have to go through that, so I hope the dental miracle happens!

Comment by Laura

Fingers crossed..

Comment by forkboy

I hope the tooth fairy has visited. I suppose the tying a string to the tooth and then to a doorknob trick won’t work here. Maybe wiggling it will? sigh. vet bills.

Comment by bevson

Aww, poor Pickles. Here’s hoping your scheme works before Cody Bear totally goes off the deep end watching Pickles get all those goodies …

Comment by jamesviscosi

Explain to Pickles about the four hundred toys she’ll be missing out on if she doesn’t expell that baby tooth, and I’m sure she’ll oblige… Sigh…

Comment by lavenderbay

Poor Cody Bear and Pickles. Its hard when it all hits at once, I have bneen there too! At least its nothing really serious for either of them. Annie (daisys mom)

Comment by daisydog

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