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September 13, 2008, 2:43 pm
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picked up pickles around 5 last night.  i had called earlier and they said her oral surgery went well and that she was being a good girl.

she was….loopy.  poor drugged girl.  and all night she kept making these little moaning sounds.  it was cute and quite pathetic.

you can tell her eyes are still dillated from the anasthaesia.

“keep her calm and resume regular exercise after two days.”

“no problem” i thought.  till about 20 minutes after i woke princess sleepy head up this morning.  now she is a restless puppy with a heap of new energy.  i wonder if that tooth was hurting her quite a bit.  she seems happier.

so, a.h. asked me yesterday, “are they going to give you her tooth?” wow…i hoped not. gross.  it was an impacted puppy tooth that was making her adult tooth grow straight up to her palate.

an hour after i chatted with a.h. i get “and here’s her tooth.”

am i an horrible dog mom for not wanting to keep this?  if, after she has passed away many many years from now….am i going to wish i still had this puppy tooth?

what would you do?


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I would personally classify that as an “eew”, although tonsils would be worse. Could you try trading it in at the camera store?

Comment by lavenderbay

I am glad all went well. Do what you want with the tooth. No reason to feel bad if you don’t want it.

Comment by Checkers

Glad Pickles is doing well, the vet gave us Teddy’s 3 teeth they pulled. They were gross!!!
We love Codybear, Pickles and Goodbear!

Comment by Con

I would keep stuff like that, but my wife would throw it away.

The last time we had Tucker’s teeth cleaned he moaned for a while afterwards. They said it was because of the anaesthetic.

Comment by jamesviscosi

Trust me….keep it.

Comment by forkboy

I have a tooth fairy box that I have a couple of Clover’s baby teeth in. Her’s always fell out and then her gums bled so I always knew when the tooth fell out and would look for it. I never saw one of Coz’s teeth fall out. One day he just had a full mouth of adult teeth. I think he just ate his baby teeth when they fell out !!

Comment by twobarkingdogs

I’d probably keep it.

Comment by Gina

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