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“yes, this is my natural color”
September 14, 2008, 5:13 pm
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yesterday’s volunteering went well.  except for digging a trench to irrigate some #(*&% out of one of the pens.  ack!

but…we did get a very special visitor!

a western yellow bat!

i was running late yesterday morning, so i didn’t have time to change my lens before i left to go volunteer at the wildlife center. i had to stand so far away from this little guy.  i was actually in the next room.

he’s eating meal worms.  don’t be grossed out.  it is pretty much the same thing timone and pumba ate in “the lion king.”

i really like bats.  i think they’re pretty cool.  i just will never EVER touch one.  i’m programmed not to touch them from the last place i volunteered.  so, that is my message to you:

if you see a bat on the ground (or any where else you can reach), living or dead, DO NOT TOUCH IT.  don’t let your kids or pets touch it.  just put a box over it and call your local wildlife rehab facility or your state’s fish and game department.


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I’m not grossed out, I am FREAKED out!

Comment by Checkers

So cute! I have always liked bats. I’m sure that doesn’t surprise anyone …

Comment by jamesviscosi

So why are you not supposed to touch them?

Comment by daisydog

rabies, daisy. rabies.

Comment by goodbear

Too bad about the rabies. He looks quite soft and pettable.

Comment by lavenderbay

I know bats are supposed to be beneficial but I ABSOLUTELY HATE THEM!

Comment by S. Le

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