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loudest garden guest yet!
September 15, 2008, 3:38 am
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horse lubber grasshopper!

horse lubber grasshopper!

i never would have even known this 3 inch g-hopper was in my yard if he hadn’t been clackin’ away at me with his loud wings!  he was about 2 feet over my head in a tree outside my back yard.

peeps….he was soooo looouuuddd….!

and p.s. the underside of his wings?  pinkity pink pink!


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Wow, that’s a gorgeous grasshopper! I’ve heard they keep insects as pets in Japan; I could see this guy being sold in a pet store over there.

Comment by jamesviscosi

He’s beautiful, and must be really something when the pink underwings are visible.
Themarvelousinnature explains how cicadas can turn off their hearing when they’re buzzing, so they won’t deafen themselves. I wonder if grasshoppers do something similar?

Comment by lavenderbay

A beautiful insect, thanks for an interesting Blog

Comment by agirs

He is now in my yard here in Tucson and has been here for 3 days. At night I see him eating a particular plant. I didn’t know what he was but after some research discovered his name. A little bit scary. I look at him from a distance with my flashlight shining on him.

Comment by HandsomeElvis

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