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an oscar made of tuna…
September 16, 2008, 5:24 am
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you haven’t heard from my kitty in a while! hello my kitty!

yes, i have a cat.  i blog about the dogs, but i have a cat.

it’s not that i don’t love her.  i think she’s amazing and i do love and cherish her.

BUT…she has very few antics, and the antics she does have are so naughty (playing in the toilet: IHATETHAT) that she only does them when my camera and i are out of the house.

also, my cat, spree, she only loves me part of the time.  and…i haven’t figured out what part, actually.

but she is cute. and she is dead silly!  couldn’t get sillier.  but she is also a master thespian.  here she “does” …serious:

such talent!  she’s like george bernard paw.  rogers and caterstien.  cat blanchett.  diane kitten.   leonardo dicatrio.  puma thurman.  pawdry hepburn.  ellen furstyn.  frances ford copawla.  “being john meowkovitch.” “ben purr.”  “the scratched emperor.” “to kill a mockingbird with one swift whack of your paw.”


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I know what part of you she likes!

Comment by PennyCat

And what a beautiful kitty she is! I really like the last photo that portrays her All Catness. 🙂

Comment by Anna Surface

thanks anna. she likes running the place…

Comment by goodbear

Nice imperious look, Spree!

Comment by jamesviscosi

I dunno, I think she must be a comic actor at heart, or else she wouldn’t have given herself that goofy look by plucking her right eyebrow. Obviously she would be a wise and subtle one, like Johnny Deppaw or Charlie Chapkitten.

By the way, did you resusscitate your Powershot, or what’s the story there?

Comment by lavenderbay

She is such a beauty!

Comment by Gina

Fab puns!

Comment by S. Le

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