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“plot to get puppy evicted revealed!”
September 17, 2008, 1:50 pm
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i caught pickles chasing spree the other day.  (pickles is a puppy.  spree is a cat.)  it distressed me. and pickles got in trouble.

BUT….since then i have caught spree attacking pickles and punching her when she thought i wasn’t looking. and not in a playful way.  she’s trying to get pickles in trouble.

she kind of did a similar thing when i first adopted cody bear. (dog)  i would come home and there would be a sock in the living room.  “bad sock!  dangerous!!!!”  i didn’t want him eating a sock and having a blockage.

this went on for about a week….until the cat, again not know i could see, was spotted removing sock from laundry and transporting it to the living room.

“who me?”

where did my cat learn to be so manipulative???


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Naughty Spree. Sounds like a turf war going on! 🙂

Comment by Gina

First off, sorry about dropping off the face of the earth.
Second – Spree looks just like my mom’s cat Patty who happens to be my Franklin’s mom, but F doesn’t look like Spree.
Third – you can’t trust those kitties. They are naughty and sneaky. But I love them anyway.

Comment by Elizabeth


Comment by jamesviscosi

My tuxedo Bob laughed and laughed when we read tiis. Now I’m going to have to keep a close eye on him…..

Comment by Sharon

Cats are evil. Truly. I met a good cat back in 1996, and it tricked me into thinking cats would make good pets. So about three years ago I got a cat, and now I know what they’re really like. I’ll never get one again, and I’m stuck with a cat who will do nothing but ignore me for the next 20 years.

Katie (my cat) doesn’t get Moose into trouble though – Katie was a kitten when she came to live with me and Moose. She adores Moose and they sleep together and she gives him massages.

Comment by Drunkbunny

Cats are born with a manipulative gene. They just can’t help themselves. Your cat looks like my Evil Fred. Think there is a correlation?

Comment by S. Le

that’s cats for ya!

Comment by henri hopper

I think it has something to do with being black & white. Our tuxedo cat, Aries, hates the dogs in our house and punches at them whenever they get to close.

Weird, eh?

Comment by forkboy

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