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it is nice to sleep late once in a while…if you’re a bee.
September 19, 2008, 2:33 pm
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keep in mind i STILLLLL don’t have a macro. sigh.  anyway. regarding the bees.  it has been over a month since the agapostemons were discovered aggragating on a branch in my back yard…

a few weeks ago i began seeing a decrease in their numbers, and naturally i was very maudlin about this.  these tiny bees, each one about the size of a piece of rice, we a big fixture in our back yard.

i knew the night i had discovered them, i had found something special.  but i became more aware of how special it was, as the bees kept returning and of all the thousands and thousands of tree branches in my yard, each night they were on the same branch in the middle of my yard.

twice i have had to fish one out of my shirt after a late night photo shoot. they are, after all, male bees.  i need to find out from buzzybeegirl just how long these native bees live.  because i’m suspecting that after over a month, these aren’t the same individual bees that started this continuous slumber party.

the bees well after sunset.  it’s quite dark.  they sort of trickle in, and by 11:30 p.m. there is usually a mass of them.  weeks ago there could be several hundered at a time, then it trickled down to 8ish.  now, for the last week, there have been about 30 to 50 of these tiny native bees.  by 5:30 they are sound asleep and not crawling all over eachother like they were the night before.  they awake and start stirring.  one by one they fly away.  fast fliers, as well.

this morning many of the bees were here as late as 7.  it was the latest i’ve seen them sleep in.  i’m wondering if the cooler nights are making it harder for them to get going in the morning.

….it is 7:32.  i just checked. there are two agapostemons still on the branch.  they are stretching their antennae, then the will move about on the branch a little, then they will zoom away….


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you seem to have a lot of cool bugs where you live!

Comment by henri hopper

If they weren’t sleeping, I would say they were forming a Conga line …

Comment by jamesviscosi

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