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do squirrels get hangovers?
September 21, 2008, 4:37 pm
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so this woman walks into the wildlife center. in her arms she’s carrying a kindness trap with a ground squirrel in it.  only thing is, the ground squirrel tried to emanicipate himself from the trap by squeezing through the grates.

got himself stuck at the shoulders, he did.

turns out the little guy was was really wedged in there.  he couldn’t be removed backing out or moving forward.  and the grate wire was so thick, it couldn’t be bent without giving the guy  a heart attack.  so on goes the squirrel gas mask.

actually, it isn’t just for squirrels.  in a few seconds he was dozing.  they got him out relatively easily without his squirming.

he was then placed in a plastic bin with a breathable lid and returned to his property.  when he wakes up she will put him outside and he will find his little hole in the ground.

hopefully he won’t venture into her house again!


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hello littel skwirrel its dennis the vizsla dog hay i cannot blaym yoo for trying to eskayp from yore krate in fakt i hurt my nose busting owt of mama and dadas wire krayt last yeer but reely yoo hav got to no yore limitashuns ok bye

Comment by jamesviscosi

I thought you were telling a joke by the way you started out (a lady walks into…). 🙂

Comment by Gina

Great story with a happy ending.

Comment by forkboy

Red squirrels on drugs is a scary thought. I’m convinced they are already on speed!

Comment by S. Le

That first photo would be great in a general-knowledge quiz: “What is happening in this picture?”

Comment by lavenderbay

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