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’twas a sunday…
September 22, 2008, 2:42 pm
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sunday was very busy for all of us here at casa de cody bear!

at 7:30 pickles had puppy socialization time at the training center.

from 10 to 12 i took both dogs to “control unleashed class” (more details on THAT soon!)

there are 10 dogs in the class and each dog goes one at a time so the kiddos spend alot of time in their crates.  but they did so well!  no complaints from them.

then had to take cody bear to the dog wash for some play time….and a bath. he has a pet therapy gig this week so he needs to be extra clean and fluffy.

then off to r. and a.h.’s to photograph some puppies….and this amaranth…

and this leaf legged bug…

then off to the cemetery to take photographs for the animal’s photography class.

then grocery shopping.  i didn’t get to sleep till 1:30 and i’m exhausted! time to get ready for work….


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Looks like they are having fun…Pickles is even laughing!

Comment by Gina

gina, she WAS laughing. laughin’ cuz she knew she and cody bear were the best dogs in class!

Comment by goodbear

My Pickles is behind bars! Don’t worry baby…Uncle Forkboy will rescue you!

Comment by forkboy

classy picture of the bug although I think I would prefer not to have gotten too close to it. nice photo.

Comment by Jimminy C

In the first picture, Cody Bear looks like he’s going to confession. “I chased a chicken, I bit my sister on the butt, I barked at the meter reader …”

Comment by jamesviscosi

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