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pickles’ play-mate
September 23, 2008, 8:13 pm
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so another dog followed us home again today.  no name tag.  un-nuetered.  tooootally not potty trained.

he has zero teeth, ….so naturally i have been calling him ….”fang.”

i’ve reported him to the local agencies and put up a few signs.  it was before work, so i didn’t have time to do much else.

both cody bear and pickles took a fancy to him, but he keeps snapping at the bear and only playing with pickles.  she’s infatuated with him…


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He’s not ugly. He’s adorable. And I dare say very old from the look of his face.

Comment by Rebecca

He’s just a grinnin’. Goodbear you have such a great heart……..cya, Con

Comment by Con

Poor little toothless thing. That poof of hair on top of his head is adorable.

Comment by Gina

Whatever else, he has a winning smile….even if it is fangless!

Comment by forkboy

I thought you were going to say you’d been calling him Cletus or something like that … 😉

Comment by jamesviscosi

It took me a minute to think who he reminded me of, especially that second picture: you remember Sid the Sloth, in Ice Age? Poor little guy…

Comment by lavenderbay

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