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when arthropods attack! …after a fashion
September 26, 2008, 7:08 am
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hi everyone! i’m FINALLY finishing the story of how i was attacked by a scorpion tuesday night.  (read prior post here)

first of all, the picture in the other post is the same kind of scorpion, but not the guy who stung me.

so here’s what happened….

tuesday night i was at agility class on the outskirts of town with my cody bear.  he was doing great and we had just finished a set of obstacles and it was time to take him for a little walk to make peepers.  ya follow?

so it was very dark, and i don’t know if the scorpion was on my pants or on cody’s leash, but when i dropped my hand he struck. i lifted my hand on reflex while experiencing this horrible stinging and shocking pain.  at first i thought it was a cactus, but it hurt even more than the dreaded cholla and….it was moving.  it was about the size of a cricket.  ya dig?

getting stressed? i am.  let’s take a break in the story to glance at a picture of my sweet dog, cody bear:

well i was FREAKING out and not thinking straight: didn’t really know what it was.  i looked down and saw what i learned later was a drop of venom on my finger tip.  i kept digging for a thorn or a stinger, but there wasn’t one.  just this unbelievable nasty shocking pain.

the poodle’s owner said it was a scorpion.  and to sum it up, she told me it would be excruciating pain for 3 days or so and the only thing i could do was take benedryl and keep icing it.  (after the incident, many google searches found the same thing.)

but dear friends r. and a.h. met me at my house shortly after with a big knife and a first aid kit.  r. disappeared into my back yard while a.h. consoled my pets and tried to keep me calm.  by this time i was freaking out because it hurt so badly….and because i was sure i was going to die….which i wasn’t going to.

r. comes back in with….

….a giant cactus pad.

he removes the prickly outer coating and cuts it into strips.  he mashed one and placed it on my finger then a.h.  wrapped it tightly.  ahhhh a poultice of sorts.

here’s the deal people, within seconds the pain decreased by almost 75%.  i had been warned i wouldn’t sleep that night because the pain would be so intense, but this natural rememdy was amazing.  i still didn’t sleep well.  too freaked out!  what if i had been allergic? or worse, what if the scorpion had stung cody bear instead of me???  the next day i felt like i had a low dose shock all day and by evening it was just numb.  when i woke up this morning….it was as if it had never happened!

thanks dr. r., you amazing friend and biology professor.  and thanks a.h. you amazing dog walker and calmer of spirits.  you both saved me, for reals!

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Glad you’re feeling better! That is amazing, how the natural remedy worked so well!

Comment by Drunkbunny

Cactus pad, eh? I’ll have to remember that one as we do have scorpions around here (as noted in my comment on your previous post).

Comment by jamesviscosi

Well, atleast you have nice pics eh? Cheers on recovery

Comment by aesth

Stinging scorpions and soothing cactus. You live in a truly strange world. It almost sounds like science fiction.

Comment by forkboy

How great that your friends know their medicinal plants as well as they know their creepie-crawlies! I wonder if pickled cumquat would do the trick? Pickles limerick will be posted today.

Comment by lavenderbay

Thank goodness for great friends who knew what to do!

Comment by Gina

Happy Birthday to you Goodbear and many more!

Comment by Gina

Oh yeah, right! Happy birthday, Goodbear!

Comment by lavenderbay

I used to live in scorpion territory – those are some scary critters, and I used to wonder what they’re sting would feel like but no-one could tell me. I am so sorry you can, but I’m glad to know you had the healing experience of the cactus and some clever folk to help you. We’re all the wiser for it!

Comment by Alyson

thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! and welcome to the blog alyson! glad you could stop by!

Comment by goodbear

good story. i like the “let’s take a break in the story to glance at a picture of my sweet dog, cody bear” pause to build suspense.

and of course the last line: “for reals.”

good reading, right there … for reals.

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

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