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be mindful of the sharks with the laserbeams on their heads…
September 27, 2008, 4:42 am
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welcome to my underground lair.  ok…not MY underground lair, but someone’s underground lair.

we went on a field trip today….it made me really want to go some where far away.  it was very fun but we got drenched in rain.

i’m too tired to be blogging.

good night.

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Ooooo, sharks with lasers on their heads. That was one of my research ideas. Someone always beats me to it.

Comment by buzzybeegirl

It looks like a great place for scorpions!

Comment by Hannah (& Dave)

Are you sure this wasn’t simply a pipe dream? (Eeeew)
Do tell us more when you’re rested!

Comment by lavenderbay

I hope nobody was claustrophobic.

Comment by Gina

I don’t know where that is but it’s definitely a place I would like to explore …

Comment by jamesviscosi

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