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the weekend begins…
September 27, 2008, 3:10 pm
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great bday festivities so far.  i have to leave in a couple minutes to go volunteer, but wanted to toss some pix on line.

first of all, mom came to visit and gave me this wonderful hand made quilt.  she made it for me, but the cat seems to have taken it over:

mom, a.h. and i went on a science field trip.  it was fun, but some of the folks in our tour group (mainly the guide) didn’t appreciate us trying to have a good time.

and a few nights ago my friend a. brought take out over and we sat in the back yard eating and chatting, drinking a bottle of wine while the dogs romped.

then last night r. and a.h. treated us to dinner and margaritas.

i don’t know what we’re doing today. probably shopping and such…

later friends!


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Happy BD Goodbear, mine was on Tuesday!

Comment by Con

What an adorable quilt and what a good friend to bring take-out that looks that yummy! Happy Birthday!

Comment by Gina

Happy Birthday!

Comment by forkboy

I was wondering when the b’day would show up here! Happy birthday!

Comment by jamesviscosi

What a lovely quilt! Naturally, if your cat didn’t immediately take it over, you would’ve sent a sample of the quilt to forensics and tossed the rest in the incinerator. Happy quilt! Happy Spree! Happy birthday!

Comment by lavenderbay

Interesting presentation of pasta. Nice wine glasses though.

Give a cat an inch, they’ll take a quilt.

Comment by S. Le

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