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if we’ve learned anything from monty python….it is that rabbits can be dangerous.
September 30, 2008, 2:16 pm
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good morning all.  i wanted to get one last post in before a pteradactyl swooped down from the sky and carried me away for her breakfast.

“geez goodbear.  that sounds so dramatic.”

yes, i know.  you see, goodbear has long been a friend of nature, but nature is not being a friend to goodbear.  a few days after my scorpion sting….i was attacked by a barn owl.

“what???” well, every saturday i go into this rehabilitating barn owl’s cage and remove uneaten food, change his water bowls and clean out any yuckiness.  never a problem. but saturday he flew into me while i was changing his water.  i was like, “dude….” but didn’t think much of it.  he only weighs a pound and the wing that hit me has hollow bones and soft feathers. no biggie.  then i hear, “LOOK OUT!”  as i felt talons on my neck.  i asked fellow volunteer what happened, she only knows she turned around for a second, then looked back to see this owl on my head.  sigh.

that is a shot of a leaf-legged bug.  to illustrate that yes, goodbear likes nature.

anyway, shortly after being mobbed by the cantankerous owl i suffered a nasty and perpetual allergy attack.  the allergies won’t give me a break!

so i wake up this morning and some obnoxious mosquito has bit me on the exact same finger as the scorpion sting while i was sleeping.

new 580EX flash for my canon!

new 580EX flash for my canon!

i think i’m going to distance myself from nature until it forgives me for whatever it thinks i have done.

cody bear sympathizing

cody bear sympathizing

cody bear has agility tonight, and i’m nervous the scorpion will find me then try to finish the job.

pickles endures the new flash

pickles endures the new flash

and pickles has her first puppy agility class tomorrow.

until nature forgives goodbear:  cancel safari plans, wear “happy camper” insect repellent, drive with windows up, walk with umbrella, keep out of the water, program game & fish into mobile phone speed dial.

that should cover it.


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Maybe you should consider a change of perfume and stop wearing that musky animal smell.

Comment by PennyCat

Oi. I just soiled me armour!

(scary stuff goodbear)

Comment by forkboy

I think the dogs are trying to figure out what that flash thing is. Maybe you could enjoy nature from afar like I do. 😉

Comment by Gina

A good comedic recounting of a series of lousy events. I especially liked the speed dial precaution. I hope Pan stops picking on you soon!

Comment by lavenderbay

Scorpion sting, holy cow! BTW, I actually posted today. That’s almost poetry!

Pickles is soooo big!

Comment by Checkers

Bunnies will never hurt you. (Run away! Run away!)

Comment by Drunkbunny

If Tippi Hedren shows up in your area, run for cover …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

It’s OK Goodbear – according to my stuperstitions – you’ve had your three. You should be right from now on.

Comment by Alyson

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