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during the week….stuff happened
October 31, 2008, 2:30 pm
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i can’t believe i haven’t posted since monday.  so much has happened:

a loved one was hit with a brick of cream cheese

a coworker passed out one afternoon

pickles decided on wednesday to be stubborn and belligerent and inattentive

cody bear showed signs of improving

i interrupted a meeting at the vice mayor’s office

cody bear had a fight with a cactus…and the cactus kind of won…this round…

so, that’s the week in a nutshell.  i vague and disjointed nutshell.

i promise to post more frequently!


and so it goes….
October 27, 2008, 3:43 pm
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back at the office.

this weekend wore me out, to be honest.  here are some of the good points:

took a pet first aid/cpr class, went shoe shopping, d. brought me a coke, breakfast with buzzy.

here are the crummy points:

had to work sunday (but got to bring pickles!), cody’s vet appointment revealed more lost weight, he seems to have even less energy, had to skip class cuz he is supposed to be resting, we’re down to one bee.

so there you have it. i spent alot of time trying to cheer up cody bear. he’s acting very depressed.

not that he looks depressed here…

buzzy is going to visit cody bear tonight while i am helping out with a dog training class. that will totally make him wag!

it will be a busy night, but hopefully there will be some time to relax in the near future…

pickles’ sleepy-time milestone
October 26, 2008, 2:33 pm
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last night pickles walked into her crate and laid down like a good girl.  bed time.  i shut the door, got into bed and told cody bear to hop up.  i looked down at pickles and she just looked so big in the little crate.  i leaned over and opened the door.

her first free range night!  she was a very good girl!  at first, while i was reading, she wanted to select one of my shoes and was rooting around my pile of magazines.  but “no” worked. and once i turned off the lights, she settled down on her doggie bed.  in the middle of the night she went back into her crate for a deeper sleep. at sunrise, she left me and cody bear alone, got up out of her crate, found a dental bone and went over to the doggie bed for some gnawing.  she put her paws on the bed once, but that was all.  when she saw we were awake, she came over to the bedside, sat, and commenced wagging while giving me the “i was a good girl and i’m so cute can i come up on the bed” look she must have been practicing all night.

i didn’t let her up, though. puppy steps, puppy steps!

here…sit on this (birds tweating in the background)
October 21, 2008, 6:49 am
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i know you’re just breathless with anticipation to hear about pickles’ hiking trip!

well, let’s get into it then:

that’s picles on some rock stairs at a national park!

picky with hoju on a boulder!  i have to mention…she was a really good dog. she is going to be an incredible hiking buddy!

we weren’t in danger of tusslin’ with bears because we had hoju!  he’s one of the original macho bears! (cody bear being the other macho bear!)

photo courtesy of buzzybeegirl!

photo courtesy of buzzybeegirl!

and here is pickles sitting on a fallen log!

and heeeere she is on a tree stump.  mental note: “leave camera at home next time ya freak!”

we like lichen!

we like lichen!

ah…nature.  we likems our happy rock growers!

meanwhile…let’s visit our friends playing in the creek!

so…to sum it up…it was a beautiful day…and i like to pose pickles on stumps and the like…oh dear.

here! here are your grilling tools!
October 21, 2008, 6:30 am
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thank you cody bear.  thank you for finding my barbeque tongs!

goodbear nears breaking point on 10/19. so the story goes…
October 20, 2008, 6:29 am
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don’t read this post.

i’m venting.

why are you still reading?  fine.  if you must know….i’m at my breaking point with cody bear’s illness.  after saturday morning i thought we had made a break through. but tonight we had a major set back.  and not only did his illness step it up a notch, it severely affected his behavior.

always so confident about his surroundings, able to over come any environmental fear…tonight, upon getting ill, he was suddenly terrified of the building we were in.

i’m about a pencil lead’s breadth away from having a complete meltdown.

meanwhile, after a great day trip with friends and pickles, i come home, take cody bear to his trek that gets him sick and terriried, and return home to a complaint from my neighbor to please do something about pickles’ barking.

she is STILL barking whenever i leave with cody bear.  and onnnly when i leave with him, as far as i know.

it was only a matter of time till someone complained.  but really,….it was the last thing i needed to hear after rushing home with a sick dog.

so, yes, i’m nearing my breaking point.  i love my dogs more than anything…but…why do i have them?  oh, right, cuz they make me happy.

‘cept right now.  now that i’m worried about one and in trouble because of the other.

i told you not to read this post!

annnywayyys….if you’re wondering about why the lighting in these pictures is so soft and coooool, it is because i used the canon 580EX flash and bounced it off the ceiling above the dogs’ heads.  nice, eh?

look out…it’s dannnngeroussss! or not…
October 19, 2008, 5:19 pm
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today’s topic….since we actually have time to blog about a topic…is ….danger!

not fear.  danger. there are some things i’m scared of, but i’m going to list the things that are actually dangerous in my life.

1.  me or the pups could possibly get bit by a snake.

2. scorpion stings.  that’s all too real here.

3. car accidents.

4. health problems.

5. financial crises.

ok.  yes, those suck.

but compared to thins other people are in danger of, (bombs, natural disaster, malaria) i think me and the pupsters have a good thing going here. so…in keeping in line with pennycat, yes, i will be grateful today.

back to our local dangers. it has been pointed out by some of our fellow bloggers that some of the critters in my part of the world are a bit scary. yes…there are some dangerous little beasties here.   most of which i can’t mention because the readership will go down. ha ha.

what is the most dangerous critter in yourrrrr part of the world?

is it a mountain lion? a brown recluse? i drunken neighbor who is spying on you?  a bear?  the tax man?  overzealous trick-or-treaters?

who is it?  please let us know in the comments! thanks!

one of my hardworking assistants:
October 18, 2008, 10:58 pm
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i’ve been working at this pc all day.  i just might finish my project finally!  decided to take a break to post this picture of what pickles does when i’m working…

that’s directly behind me:  sleeping border collie puppy.  worn out new balance shoes that need to be replaced.  cody bear’s collar. (i took it off him because he wasn’t feeling well.  i hate wearing necklaces when i’m not feeling well.) my camera case.  blanky from pickles’ crate.

she’s growing up so fast! and she has lost all her puppy fuzz.  now she has shiny curls!  and she has only tried to destroy one important item (my glasses) when i’m working.  usually she just sleeps.  i have a very lazy border collie here!

$100 poorer, but in no danger of a vampire attack…

regarding cody bear’s recent illness and nasty gastroparesis flare up:

i’m glad i waited till this morning to post because overnight he has regained that sparkle in his eye and that certain spring in his gate that makes cody bear….cody bear.

now, on to the update.  so, cody bear has been sick and not responding to conventional meds to get out of his gastroparesis flare up, his most severe one to date. so the vet said, lets try nrt on cody bear.   it is an holistic approach to testing the bear, and then finding out what supplements will cure what is ailing him.  one important aspect of this is…not just treating the symptoms…but rather treating all the organs that are weak or hurting in any way.

cody bear last night, before new supplements kicked in...

cody bear last night, before new supplements kicked in...

so let’s get into it, shall we.  i took samples of anything he has been eating or might want to eat.  using the nrt/naet approach they determined that of the 4 main food samples the three grain free were fine, but he was displaying an intolerance for the high quality food with grain in it.  and hey…the same thing with the treats. of all the treats, only one was tolerated by him:  straight up dehydrated beef liver….the only snack without grain.

i even tried to trip the vet up.  i labeled one container of water “A” and one “B”.  i didn’t tell them which was the filtered water and which was the tap.  he had a strong negative reaction to the tap. interesting!  glad i bought the filtration system when my vet said his g.i. system was too delicate for all the heavy metals and chlorine in our local tap water!

they adjusted his supplements for his nausea, gall bladder and liver…

spunky bear!  this morning you can see he feels better!

spunky bear! this morning you can see he feels better!

this morning he was a much happier, more energetic cody bear.  i still have to keep him from overdoing it.  plus, he also has a cracked toenail from chasing cars along the fence.  silly old bear.

taunting pickles!

taunting pickles!

of all his supplements, he likes garlic the most.  it is like he is a four year old and i’m making sugar cookie dough when i prepare his food.  wag wag wag. hurry up and give me my garlic.  the house is a cloud of garlic smell. it’s giving me a headache, but it seems to be helping my little guy.  i would like to see him gain a pound this week.  or maybe two.

and…he’s pretty safe from vampires this week, as well, so that’s a bonus.  hell…the whole block is probably safe, as potent as this shit is! whoosh.

so, if you’re considering doing this, i would give it a try. it is realllly pricey, so i hope cody bear gets better quickly.  i can’t afford too many of these appointments.  it helps that i’m seeing an improvement today.  last week i didn’t, though.

i’ll keep you posted.  if you’re new to the blog, you can learn more about cody bear’s gastroparesis by typing “gastroparesis” into the search bar to the left.

leave a message and the cuties will get back to you…
October 17, 2008, 2:09 pm
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oooh, we have pictures from puppy class!  here’s how the dogs’ schedule is working out…

monday – separate walks on the river bank

tuesday – cody bear’s agility class

wednesday – pickles’ puppy agility class

thursday – pickles’ puppy obedience class

friday – cody’s vet appointment

saturday – free day

sunday – control unleashed class for both dogs.

but, lest you think i’m over working the dogs, here is a scene from last night’s puppy class:

pickles is a little smitten with a jack russell terrier in her thursday class.  his name is pokey and ….he has a way…

as you can see, he’s pretty fun.  here is his sister, peanut:

puppy class is composed of me and pickles, a pair of sheltie siblings and their two people, a pair of jrt siblings and their two people.

buzzybeegirl tried to call and schedule an excavating appointment with pickles and was discouraged that the number just ring. well now you can see how busy the dogs are!

and back to cody bear.  i decided to take him to agility class tuesday, even though he hasn’t been feeling well, and even though he isn’t allowed to have anything but grainfree kibble for treats.  it was a tough decision, but i’m so glad we went.  he FLEW over the jumps and he had so much fun.

i will write more after his vet appointment tonight.

thanks for following his blog and sending him thoughts of wellness!