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why my dogs are excited about tonight’s debate…
October 2, 2008, 2:22 pm
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hello there!  well, last night was pickles’ first agility class!  i think it was pretty fun and picky did pretty well.

here’s my picky punk now…

anyway, in other news: tonight is the v.p. debate.  i’m having people over for beers!  we’re going to drink every time palin says the word “ready.”  and maybe another word, as well.  everyone is really excited.  the general consensus is the biden is going to mop the floor with her, but i think it might be disappointing actually.  i have a feeling both candidates are going to play it safe…..but what do i know.

all i know is the dogs will be happy to have people over for cuddling, no matter what’s on the telly.

what are your thoughts on the debate?  what t.v. show will you be missing because of it?  if your dog or cat could vote….would they vote the same as you?


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You should be very drunk about midway through the debate. Good idea.

Palin is a Twit. I just hope Biden can keep from tickling his tonsils with his toes or going into filibuster.

My cats are VERY liberal.

I would be watching CSI tonight. At least it’s a rerun!

Comment by S. Le

cody bear is a fierce democrat, but pickles is too young to decide. my cat is still smarting that hillary didn’t win, but i keep telling her it is time to let the healing begin.

Comment by goodbear

I already know for which ticket I’m voting…I don’t need to see this or any other debate.

But I would like to say something (since you asked): I, like many others, think Palin is in over her head. But I’m going to give her a chance to get her interview skills together. I imagine that being thrust into the national sphere would likely cause most folks to stumble. Granted, I think she has done far worse than stumble, but I think it is possible that as she goes through more interviews she might become better adept at handling them. She still doesn’t have much to say, but maybe she will learn to relax and do a better job of saying nothing. But don’t count on it.

All I know is that our dogs (2) and cats (9) strictly vote the pro-food ticket.

Comment by forkboy

I like Sarah partly because I am still mad that Obama didn’t pick Hillary. I can’t wait to see it. Joe Biden has a way of saying weird things too. Funny! I would probably be watching CSI but ditto what S. Le. said. Tuffy and Mandy are voting for Tuffy/Rusty. I might too!

Comment by Gina

Your party sounds fun. Are you having snacks? Too bad I live 1,000+ miles away. Oh wait, I wasn’t invited. 😉

Comment by Gina

you’re always welcome here gina! if we ever live in the same town….i’m having you over for debate viewing!

Comment by goodbear

forkboy, pickles loves the sound of the pro-food ticket! she’s always been interested in kibble reform and the like…

Comment by goodbear

I think Gwen Ifill will win tonight. I’m voting for her!

Comment by Checkers

Coco and Emma are dispondent. It is truly a sad day in America when “concerned” citizens are gathering together to celebrate the failure, flop of a vice presidential candidate in a debate. The girls plan to watch but with open ears, noses and mouths – listen to each candidate’s responses, watch their reactions, body language, and poise, and of course smelling their crotches. Only afterward will they construct an opinion.

Comment by Rebecca

ooch. ZING rebecca.
that’s what OUR party is missing: crotch sniffing.

Comment by goodbear

Up here, my furchildren will all vote for the Green Party (pro-environmental health) . Cuca wants more migratory birds stopping in the trees outside, Cai would like to go swimming without worrying about water quality, and Fergus desires pesticide-free grass clippings that won’t upset his tummy.

Comment by lavenderbay

We used to have a pizza party every election day, but we haven’t done that since we moved out to California. Now we just eat pizza and watch the results ourselves.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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