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compare and contrast, and then send happy thoughts…
October 4, 2008, 7:12 am
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blahhhh. we had plenty planned this weekend, then cody bear got sick.  super sick.  we’ll be at the vet tomorrow if you need us.

blog friends can probably tell from this photo that he feels like crap.  poor kiddo-bun.

we’ll keep you posted.  by the way….someone blamed the debates for his illness.  it’s just not so.  he’s not THAT into politics.  he is, after all, a dog.

here is cody bear normally:

here is cody bear today:

we’ll keep you posted.  time to go cuddle…


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Warm thoughts for the CB..

Comment by forkboy

Poor little snookypooks, I hope he feels better soon.

Comment by lavenderbay

oh no! tex and principesa send you chowchow kisses, cody bear. we’re thinking of you.

Comment by tanglad

Sorry you don’t feel well Bear Bear. Feel better little buddy.

Comment by Gina

Everyone at our house/zoo sends get well soon wishes for cody bear. Hang in there buddy!

Comment by Checkers

Get well soon Cody! I love you!

Comment by Drunkbunny

oh no — poor CB! I hope the vet was able to fix him up.

Comment by Laura

Codybear, we hope you feel better soon….

Comment by Con

Feel better Cody Bear…just remember, you are an “IRON BUN”

Comment by buzzybeegirl

Hang in there CB!

Comment by Hannah

Awww, poor Cody Bear. Hope he’s smiling again soon.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

hey you blog friends! i just wanted to thank you all for sending cody bear your warm thoughts and for sharing with me that you understand. i also wanted to update you and let you know that he is starting to do better! especially after buzzybeegirl and her husband came to visit. that really lifted his spirits!

Comment by goodbear

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