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no plane rides for cody bear…
October 6, 2008, 2:44 pm
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regarding cody bear!  he is feeling a bit better and i have a few minutes to explain…

i’ve learned a bit about gastroparesis since cody was diagnosed.  and with every flare up i learn more.

his sickness mostly manifests itself with visible digestive issues, specifically…dog barf.  so it is easy for me to forget that gastroparesis affects the nervous system.  for instance, one day he is eating fine, the next day his gastroparesis flares up and he has a nasty case of motion sickness.  he can’t get comfortable no matter what.  he can’t even look at food, and with a dog as skinny as cody bear, within two days of not eating he went from 48 pounds to 43.

the queasiness also makes him cranky.

so this recent flare up reminded me that it isn’t all digestive, and i also learned that sometimes, with no trigger (ate something weird, stress) gastroparesis will just cycle through.

the sad thing is, there’s just no comforting him.  the medicine helps a little.  we actually had to up it quite a bit and add another.  but still, the naussea is in his brain and his system.  he probably feels it in his paws and intestines even.

anyway, thanks to everyone for wishing him well….yet again.  we appreciate it.


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Hope he feels better very, very soon!

Comment by writemeg

Oh, hugs to Codybear… I’m sorry he’s feeling poorly. Alex & Mabel send comforting puppy licks his way.

Comment by Elizabeth

thanks meg and elizabeth! and welcome to the blog meg!

Comment by goodbear

thanks for the update, your love for cody bear is very heartwarming. we’ll be thinking healing thoughts for your special boy.

Comment by tanglad

Glad you’re feeling better pretty boy.

Comment by Gina

You’re welcome. Glad to read you have even more information by which to treat and handle the mighty CB!

Comment by forkboy

I’ve been thinking about cb a lot. I am glad he is better. He is lucky to have you to take care of him and love him, goodbear.

Comment by Checkers

Poor Cody Bear. Motion sickness and nausea are no fun even when you understand where they’re coming from. I hope this spell of it is all cleared up soon.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Poor Cody! I hope your weekend wasn’t overcharged with errands, and you were able to just sit and be with him.

Comment by lavenderbay

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