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sorry i’m late boss, there was cake and wine and bees and such…
October 7, 2008, 11:29 pm
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on sunday the phone rings.  “what are you doing tonight?” asks a.h.

you know how you can sometimes hear when a person is smiling?  well, a.h. was smiling, and not in an “i’m drunk so let’s call goodbear” way.  more in a “goodbear is going to love us” kind of way.

it was about 7 ish, and i told her all of the very important jobs i had to do, “why?”

“cuz we want to bring over wine and chocolate cherry cake”

how spontaneous!  how fun!

they had volunteered at a local winery for the harvest and were rewarded with a few bottles of wine…

including a very special one with no label and the cork not even popped all the way in.  you see….it’s not released yet!

and then of course, we tucked the bees in for the night…

since AT LEAST august 18th on the same branch.  must be these agapostemons know where the party is!!!

all i can say is….with friends like this…who needs to get up for work on time on a monday morning.  sometime it is worth risking a wine and cake hangover just to have a good time.  mellow and fun.


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I have never had wine but people sure like it. I wine when I don’t get a treat fast enough. Kinda different though, yes?

Comment by Checkers

That’s brilliant! What great friends you have, Goodbear!
I should try that a time or two when we move. I’m sure cherry cake and local wine would go a long way towards appeasing neighbours’ attitutes vis-a-vis our Barkigan Corgis.

Comment by lavenderbay

If you’re going to be late for work, it might as well be because of wine and chocolate cherry cake!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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