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cody bear’s gall bladder? really?
October 11, 2008, 3:54 pm
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hello there everyone. a few of you may have noticed that i haven’t been blogging or commenting on others’ posts lately.  and you may also have noticed that i haven’t posted anything significant about cody bear since mentioning he was sick.  poor little guy!  we’ve had several vet appointments lately because this is the worst gastroparesis flare up he has ever had.

yesterday we went to cody bear’s first NRT appointment at the holistic and conventional vet.  as i have mentioned before….I LOVE MY VET.    while cody’s disease has been mostly manageable, this recent flare up of his gastroparesis(possibly caused by being on antibiotics because of a bug pickles brought home from puppy playtime) isn’t responding to his normal treatment plan.

so yesterday we had his appointment.  it was very cool and i had super high hopes.

it was determined that he can not eat rice (which we already knew) cane sugar and millet, which is in his current holistic kibble.  also, he has a possible infection in his gall bladder and some problem with his liver. and here are all the meds, a mixture of actual medications and some nutritional supplements.  he takes a total of 15 pills throughout the day….which he does joyfully, wagging as i pop each pill into his throat.

given the recent complete blood panel, it probably isn’t anything very serious because his blood work was PERFECT! so please don’t worry about…any terrifying illnesses that we won’t mention.

at least he has his appetite back.  he didn’t eat for 3 days last week.  he’s already thrown up twice today, which is what made me go online to look at his food ingredients. yep, millet.

i don’t know what will happen.  he is currently whining because he sees a cat outside and wants to give chase.  the testing determined that he CAN eat cats without throwing up….but i’m not ready to take those kind of measures.  neither is spree, my very sweet kitty.

so, that, my friends, is the update.

i have many friends coming over tonight and that will make him feel better.  his state of his health is directly proportional to the number of people that cuddle him in a day.

as for me….i come unglued everytime he throws up.  but i try to wait till he is outside to lose my shit.  i love this dog so much.  it just isn’t fair that someone so innocent has to feel so crappy.  and he is in such great health in every other aspect of his life.  and happy, too.  so why can’t this just stop?

i have to go clean the bathroom now….


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Poor Cody bear! Can you just cook up a concoction of home made stuff that he can eat, meat, veggies, grains, and freeze it in portions? My dogs love lots of veggies, carrots, sweet potatoes rice (but he cant have that). I mix theirs with dry food, but I suppose you could find some type of filler like barley he tolerates.

Comment by daisydog

Poor baby boy. I hate it that he feels so poorly. Feel better little man.

Comment by Gina

If your vet hasn’t done so as yet, get an x-ray. He may have a thickening of the intestinal walls, which can be treated with either steroids or special food. It’s a shot in the dark, but CBs problems sound rather similar to those of our dog, Brooke. And an x-ray is a pretty cheap check after all…

Comment by forkboy

Glad he’s responding to the treatment regimen. And, hey Standard Process! We take some of that stuff (including the Zypan) ourselves under the direction of a nutritionist. And the regional Standard Process distributor is one of the customers I do software work for! It’s the circle of … well, something. Anyway, good stuff for Cody Bear to be taking. A lot of the vets out here prescribe it.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

As if to illustrate, Cai has just thrown up (not regurged) while I was halfway through your comments section. Fergus is on antibiotics for some barfy infection; the blood tests aren’t clear enough yet to have him neutered. Like you, I get bone-weary seeing the furkids ill. I hope the new meds help alleviate Codybear’s — and your — misery.

Comment by lavenderbay

good seeing you this morning. Hope CB feels better soon. If you need something let me know.

Comment by Con

Sorry to hear Cody Bear is not feeling well right now! We hope he gets much better soon!

Comment by henri hopper

Poor Cody Bear. I hope he is feeling much better now. It is terrible when the furry people feel ill but he couldn’t have a better mum looking after him. As said above, maybe making his food from scratch will help.

Comment by livingisdetail

[…] on to the update.  so, cody bear has been sick and not responding to conventional meds to get out of his gastroparesis flare up, his most severe […]

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