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the hostess wore hiking boots….
October 13, 2008, 2:05 pm
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and so i decided to have a party…

i wanted to get my friends together. plus, with cody bear being so sick lately, i knew he would be so happy to have everyone he knew come over.  plenty of people for cuddling, and a captive audience for the showing off.

since my house is small, it had to be an outdoor party.  how perfect! it was the first truly cold night of the year and the bonfire made the night.

r. and a.h. came over early to help.  they got the fire started, set up chairs and put up the christmas lights while i prepared food.  but i know your concern:  how did you keep the drunk people from stumbling into your bees, goodbear?

the area around the bee branch has 2 clothes drying racks and cody bear’s channel weaves.  it kept people away from the branch unless r, a.h. or i took them over to see the branch with a flash light.

cozy.  all in all there were 13 people and 3 dogs.  and NO party injuries!

and look! what is going on here!:

pickles.  MULTIPLE pickles.  there were very few leftovers, but paws down, the culinary stars were y’s salad from her organic farm, the dill pickles, and the crowd favorite: r’s cake he baked in my back yard over the coals….

cody bear had a great time!  he loves parties.  pickles was confused at first, but she was such a good girl!  but, wow did she get tired around 11.  so much stimulation.

we all slept late.  speaking of sleeping late, i think i have documented my best case of bed head EVER:

i wonder if there is a connection between how fun a party is and how crazy the hostess’s bed head is the next day.

it was a good mix of friends, folks i’ve wanted to meet for a while now.  everyone got along really well and future get togethers were planned!


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Sounds like a wonderful party. Food always makes the party…and cute dogs running around to entertain!

Comment by Gina

You should have set-up a web cam and streamed live so we, your fans, could have joined in the fun! As much as one could through an Internet connection.

Dutch oven cake? Now I’ve seen everything.

And regarding the hair….I used to have a theory that the more bruises I had in the morning was indicative of a better party. Whatever standard unit of measurement works for you, works for you.

Comment by forkboy

wow you must be related to Mom, her hair looks like that too

Comment by PennyCat

i went to a basketball camp run by the utah jazz once, a zillion and 3 years ago, when i was 15; i had this funky shaved-on-the sides haircut and when i walked into the gym, thurl bailey, a 6′ 11″ forward, looked at me and said, “nice do baby!”

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

That’s very impressive bed head indeed!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

I’m still amazed that backyard bonfires are legal in the city (I’m presuming you’re in an urban area) . Great fun! Glad to hear Cody had such a good time too. And pickles.

Comment by lavenderbay

looks like an excellent party! and the pickles look delicious!

Comment by henri hopper

I wish my mom had such interesting friends! My mom and dad hardly ever have parties except with grandmas and grandpas and aunties and uncles, but at least they don’t complain too much about my need to walk on their laps.

Comment by littlemissjackie

hi! this is your neighbor robby (owner of henry – cody’s twin). looks like your party last saturday was a fun one. you were very sweet to have asked me over – i wish i could have stopped by! love seeing all your pictures. of course i think cody’s adorable, but i’ve never seen pickles before – she’s soooo cute!!!

Comment by rockbridge

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