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October 14, 2008, 2:42 pm
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every monday after work i come home, i walk into the house quietly, i grab cody bear and his leash and i sneak him out of the house before pickles realizes what is happening.

i take him for a nice walk along the river bank.  he loves it.

he loves it and so do i.  lately, though, he hates getting in the car because he is so queazy from his gastroparesis. but it is only a 5 minute drive and he loves it there.

last night it was windy, so when i went to toss cody bear’s doo bag in the trash, it got caught in the wind and floated down the river bank.  so, i had to put cody bear in  a stay and crab walk down the bank to retrieve the bag.  once i got back up…i realized my spare doo bag had fallen out of my pocket and was stuck on the side of the bank.  crab walk down the bank.  cody was looking at me like i was a freak!

so, then i went home and decided, “pickles is old enough for her first river bank walk.”   she did really well!  she has been working on her leash walking so she doesn’t pull unless she wants to get close to another dog.

here she takes a moment to watch the sunrise beyond the park.

they’re good dogs.  they really are…


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I love how Cody Bear’s fluffy tail is blowing out like a flag behind him!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Well, you’ve certainly earned your Good Citizenship badge! And good for Pickles on earning the right to come on riverbank walkies!

Comment by lavenderbay

a beautiful place to take a walk! looks like pickles did very well!

Comment by henri hopper

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