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October 17, 2008, 2:09 pm
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oooh, we have pictures from puppy class!  here’s how the dogs’ schedule is working out…

monday – separate walks on the river bank

tuesday – cody bear’s agility class

wednesday – pickles’ puppy agility class

thursday – pickles’ puppy obedience class

friday – cody’s vet appointment

saturday – free day

sunday – control unleashed class for both dogs.

but, lest you think i’m over working the dogs, here is a scene from last night’s puppy class:

pickles is a little smitten with a jack russell terrier in her thursday class.  his name is pokey and ….he has a way…

as you can see, he’s pretty fun.  here is his sister, peanut:

puppy class is composed of me and pickles, a pair of sheltie siblings and their two people, a pair of jrt siblings and their two people.

buzzybeegirl tried to call and schedule an excavating appointment with pickles and was discouraged that the number just ring. well now you can see how busy the dogs are!

and back to cody bear.  i decided to take him to agility class tuesday, even though he hasn’t been feeling well, and even though he isn’t allowed to have anything but grainfree kibble for treats.  it was a tough decision, but i’m so glad we went.  he FLEW over the jumps and he had so much fun.

i will write more after his vet appointment tonight.

thanks for following his blog and sending him thoughts of wellness!


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Hi from Oblivion! Hope cb is feeling better.

Comment by Checkers

How sweet! They’re just adorable.

Comment by tam

What an amazing schedule! Between your holistic veterinarian and the training school that you’re obviously thrilled with, I’m guessing you moved to this state for the sake of your pets.
When does Codybear receive his PhD (Dog of Philosophy) ?

Comment by lavenderbay

I love the pictures, so cute! Wow, that is a BUSY schedule.


Comment by Rusty

Wow, you’re like a soccer mom! But with cute dogs instead of grubby little kids!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Look how cute the dogs are and it made me smile. They are enjoying their class as I have seen in the picture. I want to enroll my dog to a class like that. I want my dog to be more discipline and I also want him to gain friends. How cool is that?

Comment by Cellphone Recycling

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