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$100 poorer, but in no danger of a vampire attack…

regarding cody bear’s recent illness and nasty gastroparesis flare up:

i’m glad i waited till this morning to post because overnight he has regained that sparkle in his eye and that certain spring in his gate that makes cody bear….cody bear.

now, on to the update.  so, cody bear has been sick and not responding to conventional meds to get out of his gastroparesis flare up, his most severe one to date. so the vet said, lets try nrt on cody bear.   it is an holistic approach to testing the bear, and then finding out what supplements will cure what is ailing him.  one important aspect of this is…not just treating the symptoms…but rather treating all the organs that are weak or hurting in any way.

cody bear last night, before new supplements kicked in...

cody bear last night, before new supplements kicked in...

so let’s get into it, shall we.  i took samples of anything he has been eating or might want to eat.  using the nrt/naet approach they determined that of the 4 main food samples the three grain free were fine, but he was displaying an intolerance for the high quality food with grain in it.  and hey…the same thing with the treats. of all the treats, only one was tolerated by him:  straight up dehydrated beef liver….the only snack without grain.

i even tried to trip the vet up.  i labeled one container of water “A” and one “B”.  i didn’t tell them which was the filtered water and which was the tap.  he had a strong negative reaction to the tap. interesting!  glad i bought the filtration system when my vet said his g.i. system was too delicate for all the heavy metals and chlorine in our local tap water!

they adjusted his supplements for his nausea, gall bladder and liver…

spunky bear!  this morning you can see he feels better!

spunky bear! this morning you can see he feels better!

this morning he was a much happier, more energetic cody bear.  i still have to keep him from overdoing it.  plus, he also has a cracked toenail from chasing cars along the fence.  silly old bear.

taunting pickles!

taunting pickles!

of all his supplements, he likes garlic the most.  it is like he is a four year old and i’m making sugar cookie dough when i prepare his food.  wag wag wag. hurry up and give me my garlic.  the house is a cloud of garlic smell. it’s giving me a headache, but it seems to be helping my little guy.  i would like to see him gain a pound this week.  or maybe two.

and…he’s pretty safe from vampires this week, as well, so that’s a bonus.  hell…the whole block is probably safe, as potent as this shit is! whoosh.

so, if you’re considering doing this, i would give it a try. it is realllly pricey, so i hope cody bear gets better quickly.  i can’t afford too many of these appointments.  it helps that i’m seeing an improvement today.  last week i didn’t, though.

i’ll keep you posted.  if you’re new to the blog, you can learn more about cody bear’s gastroparesis by typing “gastroparesis” into the search bar to the left.


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glad to hear the bear’s doing better. i always felt so helpless when my pooch wasn’t feeling good, because, like babies, it’s not like they can tell you exactly WHERE it hurts. i’m glad to hear that you were trying an holistic approach. get weel soon, code!

Comment by jonsquared

So pleased Cody Bear’s back on form. SUCH a worry when they’re poorly. These dogs tug at our heart strings – ouchhh.

Comment by Hilary

We are very glad Cody bears is staring to feel better! Trying to figure out the food thing sounds just awful and frustrating.

Comment by daisydog

It’s nice to see smiling CD pics again.

Comment by forkboy

Wow, garlic, hmmm glad I don’t have to scoop that!

Comment by pennycat

hello goodbear its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is gud that cody bear is sayf frum vampires now becuz vampires ar evryware i think their is wun owtside my window rite now!!! ennyway mama wont drink owr tap water eether espeshly not the tap water wot comes from the bathroom fawset becuz it is evidently difrent frum the tap water wot comes from the kitchen fawset we hav filters on the kitchen fawset now so that the water duznt kill the fish and so thats all mama wil drink so she is rite their with cody bear on that wun ok bye

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

I’m glad to hear Codybear is feeling so much better. It’s true, we don’t hear too much about wolf packs ravishing the corn fields.

Comment by lavenderbay

[…] cody bear is the fastest dog i know! […]

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