cody bear's friends

one of my hardworking assistants:
October 18, 2008, 10:58 pm
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i’ve been working at this pc all day.  i just might finish my project finally!  decided to take a break to post this picture of what pickles does when i’m working…

that’s directly behind me:  sleeping border collie puppy.  worn out new balance shoes that need to be replaced.  cody bear’s collar. (i took it off him because he wasn’t feeling well.  i hate wearing necklaces when i’m not feeling well.) my camera case.  blanky from pickles’ crate.

she’s growing up so fast! and she has lost all her puppy fuzz.  now she has shiny curls!  and she has only tried to destroy one important item (my glasses) when i’m working.  usually she just sleeps.  i have a very lazy border collie here!


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That’s my pretty Pickles!

Comment by forkboy

See, now, if Dennis were lying amidst shoes and a leash and couple of bags, it would be because he had pulled them out from somewhere and beaten them to within an inch of their lives …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Tex would definitely love to make out with your bag!

Comment by Marcella

It looks like the wicked witch of the south had a cubical wall fall on her and nothing but her foot/tennie runner is sticking out.
Oh my!

Comment by Rebecca

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