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two sides to every story….but i wouldn’t believe the border collie if i were you…
November 3, 2008, 5:22 am
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oh the attitude!  pickles has been just belligerent!  at 28 weeks this previously angelic border collie is being a punk.  nickname:  picky punk!

“och auntie, eh don’t know what me mum is talking about.  look at meh.  i’m innocent nd luvable, i em.  sheh’s a liar. she is…”

i can’t let her get away with her little moments of not doing what i say, even the simplest of things.  so we’re having to incorporate some serious “nothing in life is free” tactics.

“back off liar….i’m trying to have a moment here!”

oh pickles.  or should i say killer pickle?  what do you do with my sweet baby girl???

here are the gifts i am CONSIDERING getting the furpods for xmas, providing they are on the nice list and not the naughty! (just kidding!  you just KNOW they’re getting a trunk load of crap!)

tiki dog toys!  and when you squeeze them…..there are drum beats and rhythmic grunting!  and squeaky jacks and blue moo cows with detachable. legs!

talk to you all soon!

cheers from good bear and her cuddly crew!



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All of my dog’s stuffies have detachable legs; they just don’t reattach after playtime.

Comment by lavenderbay


Comment by jamesviscosi

I like the pic of the paws on the computer monitor in the first image. Just in case we didn’t get enough dog in the foreground!

Comment by forkboy

Sweet–I could totally go for a tiki play toy. They look awesome.

Comment by stilllifeinbuenosaires

The toys are so cute and colorful.

Comment by Gina

That b/w photo is priceless. She’s cutting her eyes at you … as if to say “Who you lookin at?”

And BTW = that dog is adorable and getting so big!!! She’s a pretty girl!

Comment by twobarkingdogs

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