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November 4, 2008, 2:08 pm
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when i returned from voting, i was greeted at the door by BOTH dogs.  pickles, the puppy, had somehow figured out how to emancipate herself from her crate!

i have left her out of the crate a few times already and so far she has been very good, but i didn’t know how long i was going to be gone.  i was told it could be over an hour in line, but it wasn’t that bad.

i live in a heavily pro-obama neighborhood.  we’re probama.

i don’t have any exciting stories from voting experience.  no funny things happened.  i got out of the car in the dark, walked into line…then all of a sudden … i got sort of choked up. i had to really concentrate to keep from crying.

the last few days i have been haunted by one thing in history.  the one thing is simply…the founding of this country.  do you guys remember the lesson in school where we were told the folks came her looking for religious freedom?  we’re free to believe in WHATEVER we want to believe in.  even if it isn’t what the majority wants us to believe in.  and we should NOT be denied the same rights the majority is given.

so, i hope todays election results are not contrary to this fundamental principle.  regardless of what you believe, who you love, what you do with your free time, you are allowed the same rights and priveledges as the majory.  or past majority.

to be patriotic, to be a true american in a way the founders of this nation desired, you must embrace and enjoy that EVERYONE here is equal and allowed to participate in the same practices as you.

so, have fun voting!  vote with heart and not hate.  with intellegence and fairness.  and if this is your first election, don’t vote for whom you are told to vote for, but confidently vote for who you think will be the best president.

nothing to do now but sit back and watch the numbers…..


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I think it’s amazingly cool that an African American (at least half of him) could be the next President! Is America actually ready for that? Hope so! I think it’s awesome!

Comment by S. Le

It’s even more amazing that many of us do not even see “black” when we see Sen. Obama! That is the coolest part for me.

Comment by S. Le

it is amazing. so many people connect with him.

i’m finding it hard to concentrate at work. i want the day to be over so i can watch the results!

Comment by goodbear

It’s like Christmas. I’m so excited! I hope I get what I asked for. 😉

Comment by stilllifeinbuenosaires

I live in a mainly black city as are many large cities. Some are saying they will riot if Obama doesn’t win so I guess it is best if he wins.

Comment by Gina

Amen, Goodbear! And again I say, Amen.

Comment by lavenderbay

Perhaps Dennis has secretly communicated his crate-escape tips to Pickles …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

My sentiments exactly!

Comment by Kathryn

Wonder what sort of dog the Obama’s will get?

Comment by S. Le

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