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wait a minute….you’re not my bee!
November 7, 2008, 5:53 am
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well, hello there!  it’s been a few days since i posted…and way too long since i posted about me bees.  it started with hundreds of agapostemons on 8/18/08.  it was and exciting discovery.  we’ve monitored the lovely green metallic bees as their numbers decreased.  on from 10/31 to 11/3 there was a solitary bee.  just hanging on.  all alone.  sleeping the nights away.

on 11/4 i went to check on him after the election coverage had died down.  he was gone.  no more bees.  but here was this guy:


a syrphid. not a bee, but a fly. taken with a canon 20d, but without a macro...i need a macro!

a syrphid.  a bee mimic. at first i was peeved.  had he eaten my bee!?  no.  had he been keeping his eye on this hot piece of property?  of all the millions of tree stems and branches in my back yard…he moved onto my bee branch?  why?

i’m sad the agapostemons are gone.  they were pretty and having the aggragation was such a rare treat.  i’ll never see something like it again…

winter is coming.  i’ll miss all the bee action.  then spring will arrive and i will have to protect myself from the giant beetles all over again….

i guess i need a rest from all the heavy insect activity.

i’ll post again tomorrow.  bye!


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A bee-fly! I’ve always liked them.
I wouldn’t worry about him hanging out on the bee branch. As they say, evolutionary mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery.

I’m looking forward to learning the definition of cactus-country Winter!

Comment by lavenderbay

Very cool photo! Look at those eyes! Like the stripes. I would have thought this was a bee.

Comment by S. Le

Now I’m all sad for that last lonely bee that went away …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

His giant eyes are amazing!

Comment by Gina

It’s funny how this lark we call photography can leave us missing insects.

Comment by forkboy

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