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headache is gone, a travel quiz and a side of pet news…
November 14, 2008, 2:44 pm
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news from goodbear and her pack of wonderful furpods!

1st of all…today will be my 4th straight day with no caffeine!  hurray me!

super green foods....not so super

super green foods....not so super

i’m on a detox plan this week and i LOVE the lemon pepper drink, but this…this green drink.  gross.  that is not going to be on the menu again!

i do feel better with the less sugar, but the first two days i had a terrible caffeine headache.

ok…news of the dogs…

why so serious my babies??

why so serious my babies??

back to the vet tonight with cody bear.  i have a BUNCH of food for the nrt testing.  he has only barfed 1 day in the past 5 weeks since the nrt testing began.  i hope to find he gained a pound or two!

he had agility class tuesday and it went horrible.  he started fine, but then got totally distracted and weird.  we don’t know if it was because of my stress about the “comment” made by a classmate, or because he wasn’t feeling well.  i suspect both.

pickles had agility tuesday(she rocked it) and her last puppy obedience class last night.  last night was sad.  she really loves pokey.

and now….a quiz….


behind cody bear and pickles you see a chainsaw bear and a photograph. (ooh, it’s dusty)

where was that photo taken?

clues:  a man was born there who has man humorous quotes and many serious ones about government, humankind and the military.

think motorcoach, not bus.

think cigarette brand.

ok, more news later


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Comment by Gina

yes gina! but what specific location is shown in the photograph!

Comment by goodbear

Blenheim Palace?

Comment by forkboy

yes forkboy!
excellent travel sleuthing!

Comment by goodbear

Wow, good for you guys!
My first thought was Mark Twain, but the guy you’re looking for is British; my second guess was Rudyard Kipling, who was actually born in India; the only cigarettes I could think of were Marlborough, the first Duke of which (1650-1722), was a guy named… oh my goodness… John Churchill. Cue the spooky music!

Comment by lavenderbay

So what’s my prize? Fame? Fortune? A portrait of CB and Pickles?

Comment by forkboy

Oh, I forgot. Never been there either. Never been out of the country. Instead let us just think I have super-human powers!

Comment by forkboy

My wife brews up some sort of green super-food that she also says is totally gross. She keeps drinking it, though.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Don’t think I could drink anything quite that putrid!

Comment by S. Le

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