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wrangling grasshoppers!
November 17, 2008, 1:27 pm
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so, yeah, pickles has always loved insects.  at the farm on saturday, she suddenly got very serious when she found the scads of grasshoppers hanging out on the greenhouse walls.

organge grasshopper

organge grasshopper

she’d get right up to them, nudge them with her nose.  shove ’em along.  but then one of the would jump up and out and she would spring back.


black grasshopper

when she saw the chickens, she ran right up to them in their little fenced area.  i thought, oh no…here comes the barking.  but she was fine.  no barking. and when i called her, she came right over, wagging.


i suspect if they had been out and scurrying around, it would have been another story….


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“Every autumn, the farmers along the border of England and Scotland bring their herds of grasshoppers down from the highlands, with the invaluable assistance of their famous collies …”

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Lol James!
I was gonna ask — and it probably sounds almost as funny for those who have never heard of it — whether you have duck-herding classes in your area. I’ve always thought that would be so cool!

Comment by lavenderbay

james…you are so funny! i’ll die if you ever stop commenting on blogs!

lavender, no duck herding classes, per say, but the sheep herders here that train their own dogs have started them on sheep. we have sheep herding classes here. i think pickles would do well, but there is no more time in the week for another class.

Comment by goodbear

I only just now realized your blog nearly features the plagues of Egypt!

Comment by S. Le

i enjoyed reading your blog. i have three dogs and i can relate on every page. thanks for sharing your stories. 🙂

Comment by isakangdiyosa

She must have got it from her human. 😉
Tuffy likes bugs too and tries to catch them. I watched a dog herding sheep once and it was a beautiful sight.

Comment by Gina

hi isa! glad you found the blog! thanks for stopping by!

Comment by goodbear

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