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dogs need a day-planner…
November 19, 2008, 6:08 am
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well, let’s start with the dogs.

first cody bear.   we went to agility last night.  i was nervous.  last week he did so badly and we thought it was either because he was so sick, or because i was upset.  today he didn’t start well, so i got upset, so he did worse.  then…i screwed up and started laughing and that made him start wagging…then he did better.  also, he does better with the clicker.

he is starting to gain weight again! look how happy he is:


now, pickles:

in an effort to help her get over her separation anxiety and build some confidence so that she won’t be so clingy to me….i took her to doggie day care on monday.


she spent most of the day playing with a female dog that looks SO much like cody bear! weird!  she was tired after wards.  ultimately….i have to say….she’s even more clingy today.  i work really hard with my dogs to make them happy and well adjusted. sigh.  i can’t believe pickles is having this problem.  we’re working on it.  i think the dog day care was fun for her, but i don’t know if it is going to help.

in other news….

nah…there is now other news. it’s all dogs all day!


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‘All dogs all day’? I wish you lived in Sussex!

Doggy Daycare is very very new here. It’s big news that somewhere close to us has set a place up. I may go and visit. You guys are always leading the pack.

Pleased Cody Bear did a bit better this week. We haven’t tried agility yet. Again, not that many classes round here. Maybe I should live in the States??

Comment by Hilary

Hi Cody, I’m glad you are feeling better and are putting on a little weight. Is agility fun? Mom is thinking of taking me to a class.

Pickles sure has grown up! What a cutie. I hope the doggie daycare helps. Wish we had one around here!


Comment by Rusty

I know you’ve had so much more experience with dogs than we have, but I’ll say again how amazed E.g. and I have been with the difference in personality between Cai and Fergus, blood-relative Cardis. Maybe every new dog presents its own challenge?
And I love how the first photo of Cody, giving a tour of his toybox, illustrates your point: I want to call it “Lifestyles of the richly loved and famously blogged” .

Comment by lavenderbay

Happy news all around. 🙂

Nice that Pickles made new friends at day care. Did it feel like the first day of kindergarten? 😉

Comment by stilllifeinbuenosaires

Always glad to read that CB is doing better in all matters.

Comment by forkboy

There’s that big Cody Bear smile!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Good to see Cody Bear looking so well.

Can’t believe how big Pickles has got!

Comment by S. Le

Cody looks like he is back to his sweet, happy, old self. I toyed with the idea of Doggy daycare when I worked but never did it.

Comment by Gina

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