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error 99
November 20, 2008, 6:43 am
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“hello.  it’s late and we’d like to go to bed.  put the camera down and stop worrying about ‘error 99’.  go…to….bed.”

oh you dogs are cute, but we have a problem.  the mama’s 20d camera is not working.  it keeps getting error 99.  it will have to go into the shop.  it is devistating.

as you can see, cody bear is still doing well.  a very interactive sort of bear!  and picky punk kicked butt at agility class tonight.



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Sorry to hear about your camera — it’s frustrating when something you rely on stops working! My first iPod was DOA and I stewed about it for a week until the replacement arrived …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Did a quick search on the web…try looking at this site before you ship off your camera:

Comment by forkboy

hey forkboy. we found this blog post tuesday night and last night i did the eraser trick. no luck though. it’s all my lenses (ha ha like i have sooo many) and cf cards. i am now thinking it is associated with one battery…but i need to look into it more.

wish me luck. i’m sure you know how upset i am about this!

Comment by goodbear

james, i am with you on the ipod sorry. i can’t be without mine either.

Comment by goodbear

While it may be a long shot ( ! ) I wish you a new camera for your birthday.

Comment by lavenderbay

Oh missed your Birthday! Happy belated! How was that delicious treat of mexi food!

Comment by daisydog

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