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a viszla at sunrise and a list of holiday demands
November 21, 2008, 5:29 am
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first of all…sorry i haven’t commented on many blogs lately and and haven’t posted as much.  but…i’m back!

we had a little drama at work.  and…it’s been busy there.  i can’t catch up.  from time to time i would blog at the office. but those days are over.  but that’s ok.  then of course, the ever present side jobs.

so tonight…my christmas list for santa and two snaps from dog day care:

my list:

air purifier, cordless phone, “dogs for peace” t-shirt”, money to get camera fixed, world peace, large dark grey button up sweater, loppers, california winery tour, a new agapostemon aggragation (sigh), a.h. and r. NOT to move to cali, hens n chics.

pickles’ list:  a soccer ball, with some air missing, an agility table, agility tunnel, a squeaky tiki, canned food, kibble, treats, cheese, beefy bites,…did i ask for too much?

cody bear’s list:  time with mommy, belly rubs, more walkies, cheese, visitors, kisses, “get out of car ride free” cards, i-cube, agility jump, a-frame.

spree’s list:  greenies, fancy feast, all day access to toilet bowl water, copy paper box, new scotch glasses for bedside kitty drinkies, crickets, moths, geckos.

wow, those pets have really put some thoughts into their gift lists!  i hope they’ve been saving up to BUY some gifts, too.

now…to the dog day care pix:


viszla at sunrise

this dog was in cody bear’s recall class a year ago.  now she is in day care with pickles.

"i'm cute, damn it"

this german shepherd is a friend of mine. but not cody bear’s.  he’s intimidated by his size and good looks.   in this picture, ….you see multiple … sniffs of the dog bum area.

wow, that was hard to say. didn’t want to make this blog not so family friendly….

night dears!


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Comment by cookingblog

I think your pups have a much better chance of getting their wish-list than you!

Comment by naturalredhead

Great site, by the way. I’m glad you found us — my dogs and I, that is.

Comment by naturalredhead

Nice lists! I like #5 on yours; maybe I’ll add it to mine. The tenth one looks kinda sad.

Comment by lavenderbay

That’s a nice-looking vizsla! Maybe we can call the sniffing thing “the doggy handshake” …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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