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nestled snuggly….in a strip of bacon…
November 23, 2008, 7:26 pm
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so, my birthday was a while ago, but life happens, people get busy.  meals are postponed.  but friday we got together for mexican food to have a delayed celebration…with margaritas.

i always ask what folks are getting before they order.  i’m too curious to wait.  i get to a.h. and say…what are you getting…she says. “SHRIMP WRAPPED IN BACON.”  and she looked a little too excited about it for my comfort.  just kidding.

a prawn...swaddled in bacon

a prawn...swaddled in bacon

anyway, the place was packed.  i’m super glad we had a reservation.

festive, colorful, hand-crafted mexican papers

festive, colorful, hand-crafted mexican papers

i think it is sort of cool that people in mexico still make these papel picados, the traditional handcut paper banners!

i have to go…cody bear is staring at me….some form of mandarin collie mind control.


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Happy late Birthday. The decoraitons are pretty and colorful and the bacon wrapped shrimp looks divine. Mexican is my favorite type food.

Comment by Gina

Happy birthday, Goodbear! What a colourful restaurant. The word “swaddled”, though, kinda evokes a sudden fondness for my old vegan days…

Comment by lavenderbay

hello goodbear its dennis the vizsla dog hay wayt wayt wayt wot do yoo meen abowt meels being postponed??!?!? that is inconseevabul!!!! ok bye

Comment by jamesviscosi

The shrimp in bacon looks amazingly like some of the insect photos you post. I really like the photo of the Mexican paper. Very nice!

Happy Belated Birthday to you!

Comment by S. Le

Happy Belated Birthday!
Or,rather, Feliz (Late) Cumpleanos!
More guac & tequila please!!! Ole!

Comment by Elizabeth

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