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is your cat startled at the camera repair bill? perhaps.
November 25, 2008, 2:47 am
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ha ha.  here’s my kitty after eating greenies!  they must have been yummy!

but if my kitty could say “OMG” today would have been the day….after hearing the diagnosis from the camera repair shot.  sigh.

it’s not good people.  it’s not good.  my 20d has a shutter that needs to be replaced. they can’t get it to replicate err 99, but he says it is acting erratically.  any input guys?


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awww. i’m sorry to hear aboout your camera. but the kitty sure though feels for you. what a funny expression. 🙂

Comment by jane

Replace the shutter? Ugh. The only time I’ve seen an error message is if there’s a problem saving to the memory card. (Did you try it with a different memory card?)

BTW, fabulous cat catch — love the expression!

Comment by eyegillian

Spree looks so cute there and would win a prize with that expression.
Sorry about the camera.
Getting an expensive camera fixed is one thing I’ll never have to worry about.

Comment by Gina

“What?! I could buy a new camera for that much!”

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

hey guys! thanks for stopping by the site…and thanks for the sympathy about the camera.

i did try multiple flash cards, multiple lenses, multiple batteries. it’s very very sad…

Comment by goodbear

As I don’t know what the cost of repair is, I’ll hazard a bit of accounting to you: risk. You can risk spending the money to replace the shutter in hopes that it will solve the error issue. If it doesn’t you are out the cash and will have nothing to show for it, as you know.

However, you could have the camera serviced and then look to sell it/trade it in towards the purchase of a new dSLR. However, it is rather likely that you won’t recoup the cost of the repair versus what you will get for sale or trade-in.

If it is quite certain you cannot afford to purchase a new dSLR then the logical choice would seem to be to make the repair and hope for the best. Maybe now that the Canon 50D is out you may be able to find a 40D at a nice price?

Comment by forkboy

I just saw a thread on Flickr about this very same problem, and so I googled and found this site with a CHEAP FIX: — looks like it’s a problem with more than your camera, but hopefully won’t cost as much as you feared! Good luck.

Comment by eyegillian

The other thing you can try is making sure your firmware is up-to-date: here’s a link to version 2.0.3 for the Canon 20D: I would definitely try everything you can before taking it in for a shutter replacement! (Try googling 20D err 99 for more online advice.)

Comment by eyegillian

I haven’t a clue, sorry.

My cats won’t eat Greenies. They are a weird lot.

Comment by S. Le

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