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drooling and tripping over myself with digital joy joy joy
November 27, 2008, 9:50 pm
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and now….for my BIG news!

as some of you knowwww, my camera (beloved and magical) had been having some….issues.  well, first of all, i got estimates from 2 reputable camera repair shops (one of which had camera for 3 days and couldn’t get it to replicate the problem) and both of them said it was probably the shutter dieing (cue comical wuhn wuh wuhnnn noise) then gave me the scary price.  (cue villain theme) but….dear eyegillian, sensible and savvy, suggested updating the firmware.  (pregnant pause) now, it is my job to take as many pictures as possible, but….it seems to have done the trick! what the hell!!??

thanks eyegillian.

in the meantime, my friends d. and m. were very upset for me that i was without camera, and more than likely unable to pay for a repair.    and even if it wasn’t a bad fix,….a girl always needs a back up, right?

so, they bought me this overly generous gift:  a brand new canon eos rebel xsi. (cue angels singing music)

here is my camera family, missing is the sd750 digital elph.  after all, someone had to take the picture.


canon eos rebel xsi and canon 20d

so far i love love LOVE this new camera.

with flash:

pickles models for new rebel xsi using the built in flash

pickles models for new rebel xsi using the built in flash

natural light, early morning:

cody bear models for new canon rebel xsi at dawn

cody bear models for new canon rebel xsi at dawn

obviously i have gorgeous subjects to work with!!!

how fortunate am i to have friends so generous and so supportive of my dog photography, that they would ram this rebel xsi in my hands and say, “here, we think you should have this.”?

immeasurably fortunate.  psychotically grateful.  spasmodically looking for photo opportunities!

anyway, if you haven’t visited my dog photography blog, dogdailyphoto, please do.  i think it would make my friends happy to see dog faces being appreciated, or something like that!

i told you it was big news!!!!

(cue applause!)


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You have great friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

Comment by Gina

Congrats on the new camera. You do have wonderful friends!!

Comment by tam

What a great Thanksgiving!

Comment by Dave & Hannah

Wonderful friends and really great shots.

Comment by myboofheadboy

Here’s an oxitoon for you, in honour of the occasion:
OX<* ^^—‘ (ox photographing a Cardi)

Comment by lavenderbay

Wow, what wonderful news; I’m glad the firmware update did the trick, and that the sad camera (and photographer) is now happy again! And congratulations on the new Rebel — is that the new 18-55 IS USM I see… yummy! Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful pix!

Comment by eyegillian


Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Such great news all round. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the 20D is now fine and what a lovely world you live in to have folks do something so very kind. Clearly you are well loved!

Comment by forkboy

Wow, congratulations on both counts! Those are some beautiful pictures.

Comment by Laura

oh wow. such good friends. more dog photos to come. yay!:-D

Comment by jane

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