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oooh, a muttzle, or….hide your cats and your liquor!
November 28, 2008, 9:28 pm
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to be invited to a friends for thanksgiving is always nice.  but to have the invitation include my dogs…?  i was so excited.

and kind of nervous.  what if they didn’t behave?  what if cody bear barfed on their floor or ate their cat?

well, we allll had a great time!

cody bear enjoyed the special ammenities:


while pickles was in heaven playing with all the very posh toys:


the food was delicious and the wine was great.  my friends have a gorgeous and comfortable house.  it was nice to just kick back and enjoy.  and again…the food was so good!  many veggie dishes!

but, pickles was a little disappointed in the lack of clumsy eaters.  she waited and waited and no one dropped any food alllll night.


poor picky…waiting in vain.

after dinner they explored the yard and romped a bit.  imagine!  these dogs have there very own tunnel! how lucky are they!


then….inside for more romping.  here you see cody bear and pickles doing their signature move:


i call this move the “muttzle”.  mutts + pretzle.

anyway, it was great fun.  hope you all had as wonderful of a day as we did.

oh, and yes…cody bear and pickles DID find the cat.  no one got hurt, but . . . i don’t think we’ll be invited back if the cat has anything to say about it…


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That last photo makes me think of animal interlacing in medieval Celtic manuscripts! (In contrast, Cai and Fergus just look like a Punch and Judy show. )

Comment by lavenderbay

Poor Pickles looks so crestfallen at the lack of clumsy eaters! Come on over to our house, Pickles, we drop food on the floor all the time — occasionally by accident. 😉

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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